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    I'm Dhriti.

    I am pursuing Ph.D. in Computer Science and am interested in Program Analysis techniques.

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About Me

Know me and my research

Hi I'm Dhriti Khanna I am a 5th year Ph.D. student in IIIT Delhi. I am jointly advised by Dr. Rahul Purandare and Dr. Subodh Sharma. My Ph.D. is supported by the prestigious TCS fellowship. I am a member of the Program Analysis Group at my university. It is a research group comprising of Ph.D., M.Tech., and B.Tech. students who are interested in the topics relating (but not limiting) to program analysis, verification, automated reasoning, compilers, code search and comprehension, program synthesis and repair, new approaches to software engineering (such as DL/ML). We discuss new influential research as well as our ongoing work to get valuable feedback from our peers.

My research helps the developers of parallel code in finding concurrency related issues. I work with multi-process and multi-threaded code to find deadlocks in them. I use dynamic analysis and constraint solving approaches to do these tasks.

My Specialty

My Skills

During my research, I have worked with the following Program Analysis tools and techniques:

  • Soot: Static Analysis framework for Java
  • Symbolic Path Finder: A symbolic execution engine
  • z3: SMT constraint solver
  • PIN: Dynamic binary instrumentation and analysis framework for C++
  • ISP: Dynamic verification engine


Recent publications

  • Dhriti Khanna, Rahul Purandare, Subodh Sharma. Synthesizing Multi-threaded Tests from Sequential Traces to Detect Communication Deadlocks. Under submission.
  • Dhriti Khanna, Rahul Purandare, Subodh Sharma. 2020. Verifying and Testing Concurrent Programs using Constraint Solver based Approaches. In Doctoral Symposium, IEEE International Conference on Software Maintenance and Evolution (ICSME'20).
  • Dhriti Khanna, Subodh Sharma, Cesar Rodríguez, Rahul Purandare. 2018. Dynamic Symbolic Verification of MPI Programs. In International Symposium on Formal Methods (FM'18). Springer, Cham, Oxford, London, UK. 466-484.
  • Dhriti Khanna. 2018. Analysis and Verification of Message Passing based Parallel Programs. In the Doctoral Symposium, FLoC 2018.
  • Sukrit Kalra, Ayush Goel, Dhriti Khanna, Mohan Dhawan, Subodh Sharma, and Rahul Purandare. 2016. POLLUX: safely upgrading dependent application libraries. In Proceedings of the 2016 24th ACM SIGSOFT International Symposium on Foundations of Software Engineering (FSE 2016). ACM, New York, NY, USA, 290-300.

Work Experience

Research intern TRDDC, Pune                 May 2018-Aug 2018

I worked with optimization of verifying sequentialized concurrent programs using concurrent program invariants under the supervision of Mr. Anand Yeolekar.

Teaching Assistant IIIT-Delhi                 Aug 2015-Oct 2016

Program Analysis (Monsoon 2016); Data structures and Algorithms (Winter 2016); Advanced Programming (Monsoon 2015)

Lecturer University of Delhi                   Jan 2013-Apr 2015

Taught foundational computer science courses like Operating System and C++ (amongst others) to undergraduate courses to CS and ECE students.

Software Engineer Nagarro Software Pvt. Ltd.         Jul 2012-Dec 2012

Worked on developing ERP software (.NET and Microsoft Silverlight)


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